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Since changing the network settings in Sellerdeck for my new hosting I am advised of a situation where a cgi-bin error occurs when sending emails from the ‘Orders’ tab within Sellerdeck. This may be an anomaly where Sellerdeck retains and

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Those who have moved their hosting away from Heart Internet and are now fully with another hosting provider are being inundated with hundreds of emails from ExtendCP (Heart Internet). I am unclear exactly why this is but we need to

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Moving server – Email setup Nearly all my accounts have now been moved to the new hosting. You will need to revise your email settings to be able to continue sending and receiving emails. Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail

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The earlier post about moving server is being continually updated. Keep checking back for updates: I am moving all my hosting accounts to new servers on Thursday 14th November.

I am in the process of moving all my sites to a more reliable platform. The new company uses a tool to move the accounts but unfortunately this has reset passwords in Heart. If you are having difficulty logging in

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Firstly an apology for the break in service earlier this week which was outside my control as it was due to a major failure at the company whose services I resell. This was a major outage but it followed a

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