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We all need a bit of help sometimes. Our friendly Sellerdeck designer Jonathan is at the end of the phone to offer e-commerce support and advice whenever you need it.  He’s been building and managing websites for more than 20 years so if you have a technical hitch, he’ll know how to sort it out.

Graphicz provides e-commerce website support for any version of Sellerdeck, even the earliest ones. Just give Jonathan a call and he’ll talk you through any problems using plain English, with remote access if it’s needed.

Initial advice is FREE. After that, you only pay for Jonathan’s technical support when you use it.

For Sellerdeck support phone

07836 551000 01323 872296

But before you phone…

I’ll need a snapshot of your site as this makes it easier for us to help you, and it saves time. Here’s how to. do it:

  • In Sellerdeck, go to 'Help' > 'Troubleshooting'
  • At the bottom right you’ll see “Create a site snapshot with all shopper personal details removed”
  • Tick the checkbox, then click “Support Snapshot”
  • Save the file and send it to using Free Mail Big File

Initial advice is free!

How can I help?

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Sellerdeck accredited developer partner

Sellerdeck accredited developer partner

Jonathan at Graphicz is a specialist in Sellerdeck website design and Actinic and Sellerdeck upgrades and is an accredited partner for developing Sellerdeck and Actinic Desktop ecommerce desktop software websites.

Actinic accredited developer partner.

Call for a FREE consultation:
07836 551000 01323 872296

Here’s some useful information

Sellerdeck have put together some how-to videos which you may find helpful.

Sellerdeck Community and Knowledge base:
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