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Sellerdeck accredited developer partner

Specialist Sellerdeck website design and Actinic upgrades in Sussex - Affordable and approachable

Actinic accredited developer partner

I have been building, mending, designing, fixing, hosting and managing Sellerdeck and Actinic websites since version 6.

I can help you with anything from a tweak to a full redesign and I can upgrade Sellerdeck sites from the very earliest Actinic versions

Here are just some of the things I can do:

  • Make the layout responsive
  • Make the checkout cleaner and more intuitive
  • Add text overlays and custom content to the sliders (image slide show)
  • Make best seller and new product sliders
  • Make a releted products in the cart slider
  • Integrate a Wordpress Blog with a seamless design.
  • Add image lightbox, multiple product images and Magic Zoom (TM)
  • Customise component and attribute layouts
  • Add Tabs for product description and other content
  • Custom menus - add images to the mega menu

And much more - as they say!

A basic Sellerdeck responsive ecommerce web design can be as little as £799 (no vat!) with the price rising for more bespoke custom design work

No matter what your business sells, I can help you sell more of it online. I design Sellerdeck (previously Actinic) e-commerce websites tailored to your exact requirements and the way your customers want to buy.

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  • Actinic Version 6

    Actinic Version 6 Design & Upgrades

  • Actinic Version 7

    Actinic Version 7 Design & Upgrades

  • Actinic Version 8

    Actinic Version 8 Design & Upgrades

  • Actinic Version 9

    Actinic Version 9 Design & Upgrades

  • Actinic Version 10

    Actinic Version 10
    Design & Upgrades

  • Actinic Version 11

    Actinic/Sellerdeck Version 11
    Design & Upgrades

  • Actinic Version 12

    Sellerdeck Version 12
    Design & Upgrades

  • Actinic Version 14

    Sellerdeck Version 14
    Design & Upgrades

  • Actinic Version 16

    Sellerdeck Version 16
    Design & Upgrades

  • Actinic Version 18

    Sellerdeck Version 18
    Design & Upgrades

I use my own developments of Sellerdeck responsive designs. You only pay for my time, and for a straightforward Sellerdeck site that can be just two days, £799, and no vat! More involved sites will take a little longer but are still priced individually to be affordable.

From £1,799* for a complete Sellerdeck online shop

From £799** for Sellerdeck page design from your spec

Responsive design for your Sellerdeck site included free with the above

  • Flexible, responsive e-commerce design that looks good on any device your customer uses.
  • Ecommerce CMS (content management system) letting you manage and update your online store.
  • Fully search engine optimised so that new customers can easily find you.
  • Site hosting and Sellerdeck support whenever you need it.


Whether you have 10 products or 10,000, new customers are searching online for your products right now. Find out how we can help you reach them.

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Already have an online shop? Need an ecommerce website redesign?

Our Sellerdeck designer can take your current online shop design, or even customise a bought template, and transform your site into a powerful, cutting-edge responsive ecommerce website.

Your products and images can be imported and we’ll customise layouts and navigation to make the buying process simple and straightforward.

Get in touch with Jonathan at Graphicz. He’ll talk you through everything you need to know and answer any questions.

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* Starting price. Designing and implementing the website outer and inner layouts, custom scripting and custom product layouts etc.
** Starting price. Designing and implementing the website outer layout. Excludes custom scripting and custom product layouts.
*/** These are design costs, software must be purchased from Sellerdeck Ltd.
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Sellerdeck is an award-winning and affordable ecommerce packages that has enabled tens of thousands of businesses to successfully sell online.

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