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Devotedly Discus

 Graphicz was recommended to me by a friend who uses their services. Being local to us appealed very much as did the fact that Jonathan answers the telephone or replies to messages quickly, which in my experience of other designers is something that is worth it's weight in gold. None of this "raising a support ticket" nonsense. Jonathan has visited us a few times to work on my SellerDeck website, install plug ins, sort some bugs and generally tidy it up, and does not watch the clock, everything is explained in layman's terms and if you need to follow up with a question or two afterwards then he is always available to help out. Using Graphicz has been an affordable move for us, Graphicz arranges the hosting for us also and after 18 months of nil down time I have to say it is great. Working with Graphicz is something I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone, as it has been very successful for us. As a company we have had a website and various designers, hosting and support packages over a 15 year period, I really wish we had found Graphicz years ago.

Mark Evenden - Devotedly Discus

Must-AV Technology

 I have used Graphicz for two company web sites and have been over the moon with the results on both. The process of design and working with Jonathan to achieve the required results was easy, with excellent communication and an understanding of the overall goals. I would happily recommend the service to anyone.

Jon Shoubridge - Must-AV Technology

House of Cheese - Retail/Wholesale/Import

 "Thanks for the support and hosting you give me Jonathan" - I would have probably given up on Sellerdeck software if it had not been for Jonathan at Graphicz. Apart from his specialist knowledge, he has saved me a great deal of money over the years.

Philip Grant - House of Cheese - Retail/Wholesale/Import - Established 1982

Diella's Restaurant

 Jonathan has what I would call a 'Ronseal' approach to running his business. It does exactly what is says on the tin. Many web designers nowadays are just after selling you the most expensive website one is foolish enough to agree to. Jonathan instead listens to what your business is about (and can afford to spend!)and puts together what you need, priced sensibly and with the minimum of fuss. Of course I am sure that if you want the fanciest, all singing, all dancing website, he would also be able to do that, but I bet he would still be able to offer the best value around to accomplish this. It goes without saying I would recommend Jonathan Chappell and his Graphicz company to anyone looking to have their fist website or update & improve their existing one.

Stefano Diella -Diella's Restaurant

Gem Car Valeting

 I chose Jonathan to construct my company website as I was keen to work with a local company and with someone who knew the area where I conducted my business. Jonathan constructed my website promptly and efficiently. He was able to offer advice as to what would make it work better and hopefully attract more custom. Over the years I have used his services I have no complaints or issues with how my website has been managed. I would not hesitate in recommending Jonathan's services.

Stewart Triplow - Gem Car Valeting

Workwear House

 In 2012 I needed help with improving my website www.workwearhouse.co.uk and knew I wanted to work with someone local to me who specialised in the SellerDeck shopping cart software we use. I contacted Jonathan and discussed my site as it is and what I wanted to achieve. Jonathan had many suggestions on the best way to achieve the various changes and provided his cost estimate which was less than I had envisaged. I gave Jonathan the go ahead he worked quickly and delivered the changes and installed the new design on time and on budget. Since then I have called upon Jonathan on many occasions for help and advice and each time he responds enthusiastically and I must say with a great deal of patience - no question, no matter how many times it is asked gets dismissed or overlooked. I continue to use Jonathan's expertise and recently moved hosting of my website to his service as I am confident he offers a good service and great value for money. I have already recommended Jonathan to a friend and colleague and would not hesitate to highly recommend him to others.

Damon Horney - Workwear House

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