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Built on a cloud platform, multiply backed up, the web hosting offered by Graphicz Ltd is user-friendly enough for beginners yet powerful enough for seasoned developers and businesses. Perfect if you are looking for easy to use, reliable and super-fast web hosting at a great price. Our hosting is ideal for Sellerdeck websites for which the unlimited package is recommended.

  • Hosting for one year is included in websites built by
  • A domain name is included (, .com etc.) Additional forwarding domain names can be provided at additional cost.
  • POP3 email mailboxes are included and mail forwarding is available too.
  • After the first year hosting and maintainance is charged at:
    £79 per annum 20000MB webspace 60000MB bandwidth with 5 mailboxes and
    £129 per annum unlimited webspace and bandwidth with 10 mailboxes (subject to fair use.).
  • A domain Control Panel is provided.
  • Graphicz Limited uses Linux servers.
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Does you hosting need a secure certificate (SSL - https)?

The internet is inherently insecure and we are becomingly increasingly aware of the need to protect data when it is sent from one computer to another.

From January 2017 Google has announced that Chrome will label websites that have insecure connections (http instead of the secure https). Firefox, Opera and other browsers are following suite.

Visitors will see a warning, or 'broken padlock' in the address bar of non-https websites if it collects data in any way. This doesn’t just mean credit cards and login details but all customer data, even that used to sign up for a newsletter or fill in a ‘contact us’ form. This warning that a site is insecure is likely to deter visitors. To be secure, your domain needs to have an SSL.

What is SSL?

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that provides a secure channel between two computers over the Internet. Users are alerted to the presence of SSL when the browser displays a padlock. This reassures your visitors that their data is secure.

How do I get an SSL?

Graphicz offers secure hosting for £149 pa plus £89 pa for a basic SSL certificate plus a minimum £49 implementation charge. This includes writing entries in the website’s htaccess file to redirect traffic from the http site to the new https site and monitoring the site to remove any insecure links that might ‘break the padlock’.

If you are hosted elsewhere, you will need to obtain the SSL through your hosting account. Graphicz can help you with this, as well as writing the necessary htaccess changes and monitoring the site from £69. Graphicz does not charge VAT.

If you run a Sellerdeck website and already have an SSL, you may only have it active on the login and checkout pages. You will need to go to Business Settings, Payment and Security and change the SSL to Whole Site. You will then need guidance in editing the htaccess file as above to redirect the http site to the https version.

Sellerdeck SSL Settings

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