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Your website deserves lightning-fast, secure hosting. Our Linux-based UK hosting service is ideal for Sellerdeck websites. We guarantee a robust, reliable service with no hidden costs or gimmicks.
Built on the cloud platform, your website is automatically mirrored and backed up across multiple devices. Should any issues arise, your website will keep functioning perfectly while its copies work to rebuild.

  • All packages include free UK domains, SSL, email address, email forwarding plus unlimited bandwidth
  • FREE hosting for one year on all websites built by Graphicz
  • Powerful, fast and very easy to use – even if you’re a complete beginner
  • Intuitive control panel means you can understand your site’s usage at a glace
  • Starts at £249 per annum including SSL

More web traffic should never slow you down. As your business grows, our flexible packages allow your website to keep working at full speed – no matter how many visitors you attract.
Find out more about our flexible website hosting packages - and get a FREE consultation by calling 01323 872296

Is your website insecure? Be careful, Google will notice…

We all know that the internet is insecure. But be warned. In January 2017 Google started flagging up insecure websites – and as it’s Google, all the other major search engines will be following in their very large footsteps.

Should you be worried? Yes, you probably should. If your website has a `http’ address, rather than the secure `https’ address then this will definitely affect you.
It’s all down to data collection. These days, pretty much every website collects customer data. It isn’t just the sensitive stuff like credit cards and login details, it’s ALL customer data – whether you’re signing up for a newsletter or just filling in a `contact us’ form.

What will happen if I don’t do anything?

Your potential customers will see a warning in the address bar – a broken padlock – which tells them that your website is insecure.
Put simply, it’s a major turn-off. Your website looks a bit dodgy, it doesn’t come across as a safe bet. All those potential customers are likely to click off to one of your more secure competitors.

How do I fix it?

You need an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate which secures the channel between two computers over the internet. Once you have an SSL, the browser displays a padlock and reassures visitors that their data is safe and secure.

How do I get an SSL?

We can sort this out for you. Since December 2018 Graphicz now provides hosting with a built in SSL certificate. The cost per annum is £249. We’ll monitor your site, redirect traffic from the problematic `http’ to the secure `https’ – and we can get rid of any insecure links which may `break the padlock’.

If you’re hosted elsewhere, you will need to obtain the SSL through your hosting account. After that, we can help you remain protected. From £69, we can write all necessary `htaccess’ changes and monitor your website to make sure there aren’t any padlock-breaking links.

Do you run a Sellerdeck website? If you already have an SSL certificate, you’ll still need to be careful because it may only be active on the login and checkout pages. You’ll need to go into Business settings > Payment and security, then change the SSL to `whole site’.

Sellerdeck SSL Settings

From there, you may need some help editing your .htaccess file to redirect your website to the `https’ version. To be on the safe side, get in touch on 01323 872296 and we can sort everything out for you.

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