Responsive web design, Sellerdeck responsive design

Responsive web design, Sellerdeck responsive design

The way people use the internet is changing. Today, more than a third of your customers will be looking at your website on their mobile or tablet.  If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it’s not customer friendly.

Graphicz builds responsive websites that effortlessly adapt to any device your customer uses. Text and menus are realigned, image sizes are flexible and nothing gets in the way to bother your mobile user.  Here are some benefits:

  • Future-proofing – Your website automatically adapts to new technology so if a new device arrives on the market tomorrow, you won’t need to worry about it.
  • More sales - 18% of all retail sales take place on mobiles and tablets and 67% of customers say they’re more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly website.
  • More customers – Google likes responsive websites. They make it easier for the robots to crawl, index and organise content. This improves your SEO and allows more customers to find you.

… at NO extra cost

Are you worrying that this will cost a fortune? It won’t, because mobile friendly web design is included in the cost of your website. We do this for all our sites, whether it’s a static website design or a Sellerdeck e-commerce website.

If you’d like to see some examples of responsive Graphicz web design in action, here are some we made earlier:

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