70% off my SSL certificates

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70% off my SSL certificates

Secure SSL certificates from Graphicz

This month, Google is releasing the latest version of Chrome that will list all http sites as “not secure”. With this update, it’s more important than ever to have an SSL certificate.

Right now, I am offering 70% off my SSL certificates.

What can an SSL Certificate do for you?

Gives your search engine ranking a boost

  • Helps you look trustworthy to visitors
  • Secures sensitive data
  • Displays a browser padlock on your site

Get a straightforward SSL for only £26.99

This offer only lasts until August 3rd so get your SSL certificate now –

Call Jonathan on 01323 872296, info@graphicz.co.uk.

This is only available on (as an addition to) my hosting sold by Graphicz. Moving hosting to me is easy and affordable. £199 per annum for unlimited reliable hosting which runs Sellerdeck beautifully.

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