Take Sellerdeck Home – working from home with Sellerdeck

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Take Sellerdeck Home – working from home with Sellerdeck

With the forced closure of the shop would I be able to relocate the shop computer and (easily) set up for website at home?

That’s pretty straightforward, the main thing to remember is that you should only be uploading to the site from one computer at a time. Orders can be downloaded on the same computer or a different one.

 Go to Housekeeping, security and copy your Authorization Key. You might also have kept it safe somewhere. 

In Help, About check the version.

On the home PC or laptop go to http://portal.sellerdeck.co.uk/index.php/support/category/E-Commerce-software and download and install the software.

If you do not have the latest instance of your version, find it at http://portal.sellerdeck.co.uk/index.php/support/category/archive and download and install.

Start the software and enter your licence key from above,

When you are ready to switch take a snapshot from the work PC, take it on a USB Stick or portable drive, or save to Dropbox, and on your home PC do File, Snapshot, Import Site. You will choose to overwrite content, orders and logins.

If you will be downloading orders on this same machine it is important to do a ‘publish to web’ first, even if you have made no changes.

However, if you have a multi-user setup or run Sellerdeck on an office based server, it’s not as easy to pick it up and take home. You will need to use remote access software to allow you to continue accessing your Sellerdeck Desktop system from home.

Both Microsoft’s remote desktop and Teamviewer are very good, but other remote desktop solutions are available if you do a Google search.



You will need to communicate with coworkers, suppliers customers etc so you will need video calling/conferencing applications.

https://zoom.us/ is very good and allows you to share screens which is great for collaboration and it allows multiple partcipants in a conference call. https://products.office.com/en-gb/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software is also very good for team working.

You might already have ‘Whatsapp’ and or ‘Viber’ installed on a phone but both have desktop applications that work with your phone to give you smooth desktop video calling



If all the parcipitants use Facebook messenger there is a desktop application for that: https://www.messenger.com/

And if everyone uses iOS devices Facetime is a good platform.


Whatever method you choose, keep well, keep safe and keep in touch with each other even if it just to say ‘hello’.

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