Issues with IONOS Hosting and Sellerdeck Desktop

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Issues with IONOS Hosting and Sellerdeck Desktop

I have become aware of an issue affecting customers using IONOS as a hosting provider. Website functions are not operating as expected since IONOS have implemented certain changes to their environment. including:

–       Perl 5.28.1
–       Python 3  3.7.3
–       Ruby 2.5.5
–       MySQL tools 15.1  Distribution 10.3.22-MariaDB

This is stopping Sellerdeck sites pre v16.0.4 accessing the cgi bin so customers cannot order goods. If you are impacted by any issues speak with IONOS first. Otherwise there are two solutions that are immediate

  1. Upgrade your site to Sellerdeck v18. The investigation so far, seems to suggest that software prior to v16.04 will not operate, but v16.04 upwards will.
  2. Switch hosting. I can have a hosting account set up for you in minutes if you wish and all you need to do is to change the dns nameservers on your domain to point it to the new hosting. I have dozens of Sellerdeck sites on my hosting all running trouble free.

If you move hosting to me you will need to:

  • Download any additional files and folders on your curent server to upload to the new server.
  • Download all your emails
  • Give me your email addresses as I will have to set them up in the new hosting
  • Change the dns nameservers to point the domain
  • Wait a short time for the dns to propagate and I will install the SSL and send you the new network settings.
  • Refresh the website and start trading!

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In short Perl compatibility is complex so it is hard for us to give exact Perl versions that are compatible with web hosting platforms as the configurations can vary.

What is true is Perl 5.24 introduced issues with how we run Perl and we made changes to address deprecated code. Namely: –

defined (%hash)

defined (@array)

This is why Sellerdeck Desktop 16.0.4 and above were rewritten for Perl 5.24. As Perl introduces issues we address them as we are aware of the requirement for our platform to continue to operate on said Perl environment.

A slight adjustment to my unofficial list of Perl and Sellerdeck desktop versions is below:-

Perl v5.8 to v5.22
Sellerdeck Desktop v7 to v16.0.3

Perl v5.24 to v5.28
Sellerdeck Desktop v16.0.4 to v18.0.4

For your notes one of the reasons some hosts may have upgraded to 5.28 is for continued TLS 1.2 support as this is a requirement for many payment service providers however, this is not necessarily the case.

I believe your safest bet is to upgrade to sellerdeck desktop v18.0.4.

I can help you with this. Any questions please call me, Jonathan on 07836 551000 / 01323 872296

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