PSD2 & 3D Secure v2 – Important Gateway Changes

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PSD2 & 3D Secure v2 – Important Gateway Changes

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On September 14th 2019, PSD2 will enforce the use of 3D Secure on all applicable transactions. However, the current version of 3D Secure requires a consumer to enter their password, which is known as a ‘challenge’. To reduce friction, a new version of 3D Secure (version 2) will be available which aims to authenticate the consumer without a challenge.

Fraud is an ever increasing issue for businesses, individuals and the payment industry as a whole. Currently, the most effective way of combating fraud is to enable 3D Secure, also known as ‘Verified by Visa’ or ‘Mastercard SecureCode’, which will prompt the consumer to enter their password attached to their account.

The Payment Services Directive (PSD) is the regulation that regulates payment services and payment service providers throughout the European Economic Area. Due to the continued rise in fraud, this regulation has been updated which is known as PSD2 (this happened in 2015). The changes in the regulation has introduced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which is a new approach of authorising payments and the main tool of authorising payments will be 3D Secure.

The required changes to enable 3D Secure version 2 have mainly been with the acquirers and payment service providers, who have all been updating their systems to enable 3D Secure version 2 before the deadline. In certain situations, there is a requirement for the integration between the payment service provider and ecommerce website or platform to be amended – this situation depends on numerous factors.

Its vital that you use a payment service provider that has 3D Secure version 2 enabled, otherwise your customers will face a challenge every time they purchase from your website. Using Sellerdeck Desktop, we strongly advise you use a supported and recommended payment gateway.

Supported and Recommended Payment Service Providers for Sellerdeck

Sellerdeck has been working with it’s Payment Service Providers partners and has used the below selection criteria to choose the gateways in which it will support and recommend:

  • Popularity
  • Value for money
  • Modern integrations
  • Quality and reactive support

Below are the supported and recommended Payment Service Providers for Sellerdeck Desktop which are fully compatible with 3D Secure version 2:

  • Sellerdeck Payments
  • PayPal:
    PayPal Website Payments
    PayPal Express Checkout
    PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution
    *NOTE: ‘PayPal Website Payments Pro’ is not compatible with 3D Secure version 2, we strongly recommend you switch to Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution, Express Checkout or Website Payments.
  • Sage Pay

All Payment Service Providers not on the supported list will no longer be supported, meaning that there will not be any development or support effort assigned to maintaining or improving these gateways. This will included 3D Secure v2, meaning that it will not be tested and therefore may not work correctly and will not be developed. It is important to use a supported Payment Service Provider.

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