Exporting Sellerdeck Orders to Courier Systems Post Brexit

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Exporting Sellerdeck Orders to Courier Systems Post Brexit

Andy Barrow has emailed this information to Sellerdeck customers.

As you are no doubt aware, shipping goods into the EU will involve added complexity from January 1st.  Following on from Sellerdeck’s patch release to create custom variables containing some of the additional information that your carriers will require, we have been working to update our Order Export Plug-in in the same area.  If you use our Order Export Plug-in for feeding order data to your courier systems, or would like to,  the following amendments can now be applied, as needed:

1.       Export column for Product Weight by Order Line (this is now a stipulation in some cases whereas previously a weight for the entire order would suffice).
2.       Export columns for Sellerdeck’s new patch fields, namely EORI Number, Country of Origin and Trade Tariff Code.
3.       The option to exclude orders by country code.  (This may be useful if you wish to only use the plug-in to handle UK orders going forward, and deal with non-UK orders separately).

Given the variances between different courier integrations and business sectors; existing feed customizations already in place for many of our users, and pre-existing custom variables (which you may have added and populated prior to the Sellerdeck patch), we are implementing these updates on a per-case basis.  If you need your current export modifying to accommodate Brexit-related changes, or would like to trial the export plug-in for the first time, please contact us by reply to this email and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange an update.

Also, our Catalog Export / Re-Import Plug-in may be useful at this time to allow you to populate any new product-specific variables more easily.  If you already have this plug-in, no updates will be necessary; you can simply add the new variables into the field-picker list.

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Codepath Ltd
Plug-ins and Data Services for Sellerdeck
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