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Serving Scaled Images – Resizing images

In July 2020 I wrote about resizing images using a php script called Simple Image ( I have been developing the concept and along with some valuable input from Norman Rouxell of regarding using the script with a Bootstrap

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New Sellerdeck Brexit Patch Released

Preparing for Brexit If you are selling online into the EU then you may need to supply additional items of information with all shipments from 1st January 2020: A Trade Tariff Code for each product – also known as a

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RRP in Sellerdeck Swift – A Bug and Two Mods

Sellerdeck Swift Template has a nifty RRP script built into the Dynamic Price Layout (Product Page) and the Standard Tax Inclusive and Standard Tax Exclusive Price Layouts {Product Summary). There is a bug (MS_SMDEV-4056) that needs correcting which in certain

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Add an Unsubscribe mail header

Email deliverability seems to be an increasing problem these days. One issue that can be flagged by if you use the email address it gives to send an email from the oeredsr tab in Sellerdeck is that your message

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reCAPTCHA integration in Sellerdeck

To upgrade your embedded reCAPTCHA integration to reCAPTCHA v2, you must take the following steps: 1. First, register for your own reCAPTCHA keys at (v2 keys are domain-specific). You must log into your Google account, or create an account

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