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Hosting and Support for Sellerdeck Websites

Sellerdeck are currently mailing out to their customers details of their price rises, particularly the 25% rise in ‘Cover’ (their support package). They are saying that the Sellerdeck 365 is the way to avoid increased ‘Cover’ charges. For a monthly

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GDPR Privacy Update

In a previous post I referred to the downloadable ‘VinciWorks’ data protection policy template. I hope you found it useful. As GDPR approaches VinciWorks has published updated guidance. The policy template has been updated to ensure that you can maintain

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Opening Mega Menu in a ‘Lightbox’

Opening Mega Menu in a ‘Lightbox’. There is a bit of a trend for the opening of mega menus in a ‘Lightbox’ type effect. This is easy to do with SellerDeck. 1. Paste this into your css: #mm-nav-overlay { position:

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