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One Fragment Column in Swift Section Page

Sellerdeck Swift is an excellent design template. One drawback is that the number of columns for product summaries is fixed, you can no longer specify it. This means that with four columns across of product summaries if you have a

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Wish List with Sellerdeck Swift

When Sellerdeck released the new Swift template on February 11th this year (2020) it was a major step forward in Sellerdeck Desktop website design. The release version did nowever have some limitations including the fact that the ‘Wish List’ function

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Add a ‘Covid notice’ to your website

It may be useful to add a ‘Covid Notice’ to your website if your operations are being affected by the current situation. If you run a Sellerdeck store take a snapshot first then click on ‘Home’ and right click to

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Implementing the new Swift Sellerdeck template

The new Swift Sellerdeck template is a brilliant new structure built on the industry standard ‘Bootstrap v4’ framework. Whilst it can be imported as a design into your Sellerdeck site it works best when adapted and implemented by an experienced

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‘Swift’, the new Sellerdeck Desktop template

Sellerdeck are introducing ‘Swift’, a newly developed Sellerdeck Desktop template designed for frictionless ecommerce. With a mobile first design and clean checkout journey, Swift will help your customers quickly find the products they want to buy. The result of this

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