Convert Shipping in Sellerdeck from ‘by Value’ to ‘Shipping by Weight’

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Convert Shipping in Sellerdeck from ‘by Value’ to ‘Shipping by Weight’

To convert Shipping by Value to Shipping by Weight

It is not possible in Sellerdeck to exclude a product from shipping when shipping is based upon value. This shows how to convert your Sellerdeck installation from Shipping by Value to Shipping by weight so you can exclude products from shipping by assigning a weight of 0.

First take a site snapshot and make copies of ActinicCatalog.mdb and SimpleShipping.mdb just in case.

You can find SimpleShipping.mdb in the ShipControl folder in your site folder. ActinicCatalog.mdb is in your site folder.

In SimpleShipping.mdb Change nCalculationBasis from 2 to 0 in BandDefinition

In SimpleShipping.mdb in Bands Delete any existing weight rows, then change the Calculation basis from Value to Weight leaving everything else the same

In ActinicCatalog.mdb Product copy prices into Excel, divide by 100* then past into ShippingOpaqueData.

Going forward when new products are added enter the same value in price and in weight.

Enjoy excluding products from shipping!

You will be able to exclude products from shipping by giving them a weight of ‘0’. Great for Gift Vouchers, Subscriptions, events and memberships.

I can now offer this as a service using an SQL created by Andy Barrow of Please email me for details. Pricing would be 1-2 hours work.

Usual disclaimers apply!

In a blank cell somewhere, enter the value 100.
Select the cell and press Ctrl+C. This copies the value to the Clipboard.
Select the cells that you want to divide by 100.
On the Home tab of the ribbon, click the down-arrow under the Paste tool. Excel displays a few options for your pasting pleasure.
Choose the Paste Special option. Excel displays the Paste Special dialog box.
In the Operation area of the dialog box, select the Divide radio button.
Click OK.…s_by_1000.html

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