cPanel price rise

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cPanel price rise

Recently a surprise price hike was introduced by cPanel – this has come as a shock to the entire industry. The surprising result was that cPanel has now chosen to introduce ‘per user’ based pricing models throughout, for both VPS and dedicated servers. This change has hit the industry to an incredible extent, causing a huge number of hosting businesses to essentially ‘shut down’ with immediate effect.

If you Google ‘cpanel price hike’ you will get the idea. Some companies are quoting 1000% price rises as a result.

My currently main reseller package uses cPanel and the fees have doubled and my unlimited account has become limited! Whilst trying to limit the effects of this industry wide shock to my customers there will be some price rises as I will have to pass on some of the doubling of my charges from the parent hosting company.

Annual hosting charges including SSL will now be of the order of between £249 and £299 for unlimited hosting with SSL included depending on bandwidth.

A discretionary price of £129 may apply for relatively simple ‘static’ sites (not ecommerce) with modest bandwidth.

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