GCI bin error when sending emails from the order tab

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GCI bin error when sending emails from the order tab

Since changing the network settings in Sellerdeck for my new hosting I am advised of a situation where a cgi-bin error occurs when sending emails from the ‘Orders’ tab within Sellerdeck. This may be an anomaly where Sellerdeck retains and sometimes uses the old non secure FTP details in its database and calls on them. The SSL network settings are in table Setup3 in the database, the old Standard network settings are retained in Setup2. It is these settings that Sellerdeck uses when sending emails from the software. The HTML email template also uses the CatalogURL variable rather than the SSLCatalogURL one.

This is the error

SellerDeck received a request forbidden error from the web server. 
The server is not properly configured to allow SellerDeck to run CGI scripts from the cgi-bin.
Run Web | Configure Web Site Details... to review your web site configuration
- Check that this folder exists on your server in the place specified in your 'Web | Network Setup' screen and that scripts are allowed to run in it (you may need to contact your host).
- Check the permissions:
On Linux/Unix based servers the permissions should be: cgi-bin (755) – drwxr-xr-x
Online Store Folder (755) – drwxr-xr-x
On Windows based servers (need to be checked with the hosting company): IIS cgi-bin = read/execute
Online Store Folder = read/write/execute
NTFS cgi-bin = Catalog's FTP account needs 'Change' permissions on the directory
Online Store Folder = Catalog's FTP account needs 'Change' permissions on the directory AND the IUSR_ account needs to have 'Change' permissions on the directory
- There could be a setting in your firewall that could cause this problem.
To test this try turning off your firewall while you perform the upload.
If the upload goes through ok then you will need to find the setting that is causing the problem.

This is how to fix this:

Go to Settings, Business Settings, Payment and security and by SSL tick only checkout, login and account pages only, then click Configure SSL/TLS settings. Make sure that the settings in the Standard tab are the same as in the SSL/TLS tab (except the web urls will be http not https – the Website URL will be https).  Apply and OK, now tick Whole Site for Use SSL/TLS and publish to web and test.

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