GDPR and your Sellerdeck Desktop or pre v11 Actinic website.

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GDPR and your Sellerdeck Desktop or pre v11 Actinic website.

I have just written to all my customers because the impending implementation of the new GDPR regulations have implications if you are running an Sellerdeck Desktop (previously Actinic) or a pre v11 Actinic website.

Sellerdeck are releasing white papers and I will share the content with you as as it becomes available.

  • Firstly, all pre v11 Actinic Sites will NOT be GDPR compliant. It is only in v11 and after that personal data is encrypted in files that are normally accessible to a browser. If you are running a pre v11 Actinic site please call Sellerdeck on 01932 358350 to discuss an upgrade to the current version. I can support you in upgrading and redesigning as necessary.
  • Your webserver should be configured so that access to the following file types is blocked: *.fil, *.session, *.authorise, *.mail.  If you can see in plain text you need to block access to these files, please get in touch and I will do that for you.
  • OrderScript debugging should not enabled for your website – open in notepad++ ( and look for my $nDebugLogLevel’ It should say my $nDebugLogLevel = 0, change to 0 if it says 1.

You should ensure security of the local site data, ie: your computer and the stuff on it.

  • It should be in a secure location.
  • You should have a secure network with Firewall antivirus and antimalaware in place.
  • Have secure passwords (generate yours here:
  • Limit access to the Sellerdeck Desktop software.
  • Backup drives should similarly be secure and securely kept.

Consider encrypting your hard drives (

Delete data no longer required. Delete order records that were more than 6 years old on 31 January last. and repeat this task yearly (qv: HMRC regulations).

In versions prior to v18, the ‘Send Password’ facility in the Customer Account dialogue sends the customer’s password by email in clear text. If you use customer accounts, you must either upgrade to v18.0.0, or instruct all staff not to use this facility. In the latter case, customers should be directed to use the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the Login page of the website.

Revise your privacy policy. This is a useful resource: In addition there is extensive GDPR discussion on the Sellerdeck forum and there is information at

If there is anything at all then please just ask me. I may not have all the answers but I will know where to look for them!


  • Original recommendations are reproduced with permission of Sellerdeck.with thanks.
  • Modifications to hardware should only be carried out with advice from a reputable IT professional.
  • Sellerdeck Desktop v18 was released this year, call Sellerdeck on 01932 358350.

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