Generate a GDPR friendly Email list in Sellerdeck

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Generate a GDPR friendly Email list in Sellerdeck

You may want to send out some promotional emails but were aware of the restrictions regarding GDPR. How can we set up and record people’s preferences and ask customers placing orders if they are happy to subscribe?

It is actually built in to page one of the Sellerdeck checkout. There is a privacy box and this preference is marked when you go to extract emails. 

Here is the privacy question in Sellerdeck on Checkout Page One:

If it is not there go to Design Text, then at bottom left ‘Go To’ Phase 0 ID 15 and tick the box to ‘Show’ the privacy question. You can also edit the text if you wish:

To make your email list go to Marketing, Mailing List.
Bottom left ‘Filter on keep details private’

Include when not ticked.

Select the other settings as wished and generate your email list.

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