Gift Vouchers in Sellerdeck

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Gift Vouchers in Sellerdeck

To create gift vouchers in Sellerdeck you first have to create Coupon Codes for the customer to enter in the checkout to adjust the basket price appropriately, then you make a Gift Voucher Product with prices to match the coupon codes you have generated. When people buy the vouchers you email them the appropriate coupon code.

Create the Coupon Codes

This will set up a discount that is only triggered when customers enter a coupon code online.

The coupon code is sent to the customer when they have purchased a gift voucher.

  • Go to the ‘Order Level’ tab within ‘Marketing | Discounts and Surcharges Settings’.
  • Click ‘New’ and type ‘Ten Pound Coupon’
  • Go to the ‘General’ tab and Select ‘Enabled’, then Based on ‘Cart Value Including Default Tax’ or whatever is appropriate for your store and Type ‘Amount’.
  • Then Select the ‘Requires Coupon Code’ box, then Select ‘Accept Single Use Coupons’.
  • Under ‘Triggers’ Click the ‘+’ to make a row and make ‘Cart Value’ £20 and ‘Amount’ £10.
  • This means the coupon for £10 pounds can be used if the order total is more than £20.
  • Now click ‘Display Coupons’. A box will open for the ‘Ten Pounds Coupon’ Discount.
  • Click ‘Generate New Coupons’ – depending on how many purchases you are anticipating per month you may want to select ten or 100 or more. Select 50 for starters.
  • Click Export Generated Coupons to File, click the three dots in the box to define a location then give the file a name like ‘Ten Pound Coupon Values’ and export the file.
  1. Click ‘OK’ you will be reminded that you have to publish to web for the coupons to take effect.
  1. Now change to the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab.
  1. Under ‘Coupon Codes’ select ‘Checkout’.
  2. Consolidate Cart Discount lines for ‘£ off’.
  3. Show Discount Description above the list of products.
  4. Repeat to generate coupon codes for each of your chosen voucher values naming the export file appropriately.
  5. Click ’Apply’  ‘OK’

Create the Gift Voucher Products

Now go to your store content tree.

  1. Create a new Section: ‘Gift Voucher’ and in that Section a Product: ‘Gift Voucher’. Put whatever text you like and whatever image and make the price ‘0’
  • In Product Details click Product Options and Add New Option.
  • Name of Option ‘Voucher Price’
  • Click the ‘+’ next to Choices or Voucher Price and add a row.
  • Give it a name of ten pounds and a price of £10 as you wish.
  • Keep adding rows for each of the Coupon Values you created earlier.
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Tick ‘Ignore the product price and just use these prices’
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Voucher Price Permutation Drop Down List, ‘Include Prices’ Permutation Tax Inclusive price – or as appropriate for your needs.

Publish to web.

Now, when you download an order for a gift voucher, look at your coupon files for the appropriate value, copy the top value and email it to the client once their payment has been processed. Delete the code once used. When you are running out create more codes as above.

You could include an explanatory note saying that the minimum spend is whatever you put when creating the coupons and that the coupon value is entered in the checkout process to redeem the voucher, also that the coupon code can only be used once.

  • Finally go to Product Details, Details and give the product a weight of ‘0’ and tick ‘Exclude From Shipping Band Calculation’. Regrettably this only works if shipping is defined by weight.

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