Hosting and Support for Sellerdeck Websites

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Hosting and Support for Sellerdeck Websites

Sellerdeck are currently mailing out to their customers details of their price rises, particularly the 25% rise in ‘Cover’ (their support package). They are saying that the Sellerdeck 365 is the way to avoid increased ‘Cover’ charges. For a monthly sum you get website hosting, support and the current Sellerdeck software.

It is interesting to note that they are quoting a Monthly Total of £609.60 +vat that’s £7176 including vat per annum for support, hosting – 200Gb per month of Bandwidth, an SSL and the software but does not include a WordPress installer or MySql database.

Graphicz offers ultra reliable UK cloud based hosting for £149 per annum no vat. which is for 1 website, Unlimited Web space, Unlimited bandwidth, 10,000 Mailboxes, Unlimited MySQL Databases and a WordPress one-click install. In addition the SSL is £89 per annum no vat. I host dozens of Sellerdeck websites and all are trading happily and successfully.

Currently Sellerdeck cover for Business is £545.00 per annum plus vat. This includes the Sellerdeck software. After the price rise it will be £681.25 + vat per annum, that’s £817.50 pa including VAT.

So even with Sellerdeck’s price rises it makes good sense to stay with an independent Sellerdeck specialist such as myself. If you don’t already own the software your first year costs are £817.50 inc vat for cover and the software, £149 no vat for hosting and £89 no vat for an SSL. You also get my support and personal attention! Tweaks, changes and problem solving are included in the cost of any redesign, otherwise support is £49 per hour. Just pay when you need it!

So with Graphicz: Hosting (Unlimited), SSL, software, Sellerdeck Cover and my personal attention at all reasonable times £1055.50 pa for the first year including vat plus pay as you go support for £49 per hour no vat.

Once you have the software you need not pay ‘Cover’ again until such time as you want to upgrade the software. Your annual costs then will be £149 no vat for hosting and £89 no vat for an SSL and pay as you go support for £49 per hour no vat.

Sellerdeck Hosting (200Gb per month of Bandwidth), SSL, Cover and Support £8611.20 inc vat per annum every year.

I have to mention that in common with all businesses prices may rise over time. I try and keep my price rises proportionate with both the rate of inflation and comparable offerings in the industry. No price rises are proposed by Graphicz for this year. The term ‘unlimited’ by inference means reasonable use.

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