Hundreds of emails from ExtendCP (Heart Internet)

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Hundreds of emails from ExtendCP (Heart Internet)

Those who have moved their hosting away from Heart Internet and are now fully with another hosting provider are being inundated with hundreds of emails from ExtendCP (Heart Internet).

I am unclear exactly why this is but we need to make sure there are no residual Heart settings in our Sellerdeck/Actinic sites.

Here is a possible solution of my own to be going on with:

These message are being sent out by Heart so there may still some settings pointing to them.

In Business Settings, Payment and Security, set SSL for cgi and login only then Configure SSL settings. Look at the Standard tab and it will still have the old settings. Replace them with the new settings (see the earlier blog articles), apply and OK, close.
Then Go Back to business settings, payment and security, set SSL for whole site, OK. Refresh website.

If still a problem:
1. Troubleshooting, purge and refresh
2. Instead of localhost put, tick the username and password required box, put and your password. Refresh and test
Where is your website address and janedoe is your email name before the @


“I believe this issue is when you delete an account at Heart Internet’s end, as what they try to do is deliver all emails from the accounts to a specific destination however this fails in 99% of cases because the mail retains it’s original sending date/time.

Unfortunately there’s no way to stop receiving the messages unless Heart physically empty the mail queue so if you request them to do that then you should then stop seeing these invalid messages being received.”

I have asked Heart to empty the queues, so I wonder if they will.

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