Launch of Sellerdeck versions v18.0.4 & v16.0.6

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Launch of Sellerdeck versions v18.0.4 & v16.0.6

The new Sellerdeck versions v18.0.4 and v16.0.6 are now available for download.

Included in these versions is:

  • Amazon Pay integration
  • Fixes for 7 reported crashes
  • Total of 65 individual fixes for field reported bugs and usability improvements

Download v18.0.4 and v16.0.6 –

The full release notes are available through the below link ( here is a list of the key new features in v18.0.4:

  • Amazon Pay Integration
  • Ability to change SMTP Port Number & Timeout via ‘Network Setup’
  • Enable use of local time online
  • New variable for Trade Tariff Code
  • Improvements in shipping export / import
  • Enhanced performance & stability
  • And many more detailed in the release notes

View Release Notes –

Upgrading most sites is quite straightforward.
However if you or your developer has customised any of the Sellerdeck ‘perl’ files they will be overwritten and the changes will need to be reapplied.

A common one is making the product image max-width:100% around line 700 in responsive.js

$(this).css({"max-width" : nWidth + "px", "width" : "100%"});

is changed to

$(this).css({"max-width" : "100%"});

to make the product image fill its containing div. The same can be done if wished for the section image above it.

How to upgrade your site to the new Sellerdeck version

  • Take a snapshot of your site and close Sellerdeck.
  • Go to ‘Help’ ‘Troubleshooting’ and ‘Compare Perl Scripts’ on the left hand side. If any have modifications they will need to be reapplied ater the upgrade.
  • Download the installer and run it on your PC. You can mostly say Yes/OK to everything.
  • Once completed, you can open Sellerdeck and some more upgrading processes will occur, again say Yes/ok. Some documents will be presented to you which can be saved and closed.
  • Check the site over and if all is well you can publish to web.

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