Masses of emails from ‘Gmail Team’ re: virus or a suspicious attachment

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Masses of emails from ‘Gmail Team’ re: virus or a suspicious attachment

I get a trickle of emails from Gmail Team ( saying a email ‘contained a virus or a suspicious attachment’ and I just delete them and move on.

Well yesterday afternoon it was open season and in the space of a few minutes I received several hundred of these emails. They were coming quicker than I could delete them. They were to my gmail address and I don’t know whether it was my turn to be pulled out of the spammer’s hat or what had triggered the deluge, but the situation was rapidly becoming unmanageable.

Gmail’s filtering to the rescue!

  • In Gmail click the cog top right and choose ‘Settings’
  • In settings choose ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ from the tabs along the top
  • Click ‘Create a new filter’
  • In the ‘from’ box put Gmail Team’s address ‘
  • In the ‘to’ box put the email address getting all these emails
  • In the ‘Includes the words’ box put ‘contained a virus or a suspicious attachment. It was therefore not fetched from your account
  • In the next pane click delete from the choices presented to you, OK and you are done.

The only caveat is that when people send zip files or similar containing javascript or other forms of code – that is, files you are expecting, Google will treat them in the same way and they will be deleted. When you know you are being sent such a file it is best to check in your mailbox on the server and download it from there.

It is worth repeating the process for other email address handled by your Google account.

By the next morning the deluge had abated although the ‘bin’ contained nearly a thousand more such mails! Once these were permanently removed the flow was back to the customary trickle.

Filtering and blocked addresses in Gmail

Filtering and blocked addresses in Gmail

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