Safe To Run Windows Update

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Safe To Run Windows Update

There was recently an issue with Windows Updates causing error messages with the Actinic Database. This has been resolved as in this message from Sellerdeck Limited.
On Wednesday 13th November, Windows released an update (KB4484119) which caused issues with MS Access Database Drivers resulting in Sellerdeck Desktop failing to open or producing database error messages which typically include “query is corrupt”.

Windows recognised this error and committed to fixing the bug with a future release. 

That release is now available and it is safe to run Windows Updates. In keeping with your own update and security policies, we recommend turning on automatic Windows Updates or manually installing the updates.
The Sellerdeck team have tested the impact of running the security patches and we can confirm, based on internal testing and customer reports, that the recent patches are compatible with MS Access and Sellerdeck Desktop and are not producing the previously experienced error. 

For information on manually applying the Windows updates, please visit –

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