Using an alternative SMTP mail server with Sellerdeck

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Using an alternative SMTP mail server with Sellerdeck

Problems with mailservers seem to be on the increase. The latest I have encountered today is Microsoft taking it upon themselves to block swathes of mail servers of the hosting company I resell. Despite the company’s best efforts Microsoft are being slow to remedy the situation.

I have solved the problem by using Mail Jet’s free SMTP service. It is free for up 6,000 emails/month, 200 emails/day and has a nice summary page so you can see what emails have been processed.

1. Sign up for Mail Jet at Use the email address you use in Business Settings Company Details or use another one, you can validate other emails later. Create a password, do the Captcha and proceed. The next pane you enter your details and complete the process. An email will be sent to the address you used for validation.

2. Top right by your name click the little arrow and choose My Account

3. Towards the top left click Add Sender Domain or Address

4. Add your website URL and the email used in Business Settings Company details if you didn’t sign up with that.
The email address will receive a validation email for you to click and confirm. The website validation needs a text file uploaded to the server OR an additional TXT record created in domain management. If you cannot do this contact whoever manages your domain name and hosting.

5. Caveat: This process takes a little while so do not be impatient. However the domain name often doesn’t validate straight away so send a support ticket in Help, Help Desk at the top and ask for it to be done manually. This will take under an hour.

6. Once the domain name and email have a green ‘Active’ status it is time to enter your new email settings. Top right by your name click the little arrow and choose My Account. Towards the top left click SMTP and SEND API settings. You will see:
beneath that will be the
SMTP server:
Enter the server and username and password in network settings in Sellerdeck ticking the Username and Password required box. If you click ‘Test’ it will pass but will not send out an email from the offline local instance.

7. Change the email port. Hardly anyone uses Port 25 for sending emails but it is still built into Sellerdeck in – Anyone from SD reading this, the email port should be a configuration variable in Settings, Site Options. Download Notepad ++ – by means the very best plain text editor there is:

In the Site folder find, right click and copy and paste so you have backup. Right click and open in Notepad++. Search for $nSmtpPort = 25;
Change it to $nSmtpPort = 587;

8. Save and close. Upload the site and do a test order.

(NB: There’s also an $nSmtpPort = 25; in which, if changed, will allow the Network Test to use the new port.)

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