Website hosting issues

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Website hosting issues

Firstly an apology for the break in service earlier this week which was outside my control as it was due to a major failure at the company whose services I resell.

This was a major outage but it followed a number of less spectacular failures. The company in question used to be an independent company in Nottingham but have been taken over by one of the web giants and that is when the complexion changed.

As a result I am planning the process of moving my clients to a more reliable platform and have chosen Smart Hosting, a Krystal Brand.

Here let me mention PCI compliance and associated implications. Smart has the latest TLS available to ecommerce sites and very many Sellerdeck sites run happily on it. They are not PCI compliant but this is only a problem for sites approaching 1000 orders per day in which case I would direct you to an individual business account with Krystal. For those, I suspect most of you, doing less than 1000 orders a day Smart will be an excellent host. So I shall be proceeding with offering the move away from the present platform to Smart.

I will be moving my sites in batches over the next few weeks. I will email asking for your latest snapshot and email addresses and passwords. I will create a new hosting account in Smart for you and crate the email addresses and upload your site in readiness.

Once we are ready to go I will change or ask you to change the DNS on your domain name{s} to point to the new hosting whilst confirming with the the new email settings and control panel access. And that will be that.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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